Guide to buying a baby activity bouncer

Guide to buying a baby activity bouncer

When you have a baby at home, they will need as much stimulation as you can provide. Sometimes, though, the things that excite a baby – textures, sights, sounds, lights etc. – are very hard to provide on your own. With that in mind, you might look to invest in something like a baby activity bouncer. If you want to help your child enjoy a much more satisfying experience, then a bouncer can really go a long way to achieving some very early years enjoyment.

What, though, matters when going out buy a baby jumper activity?

Why should I buy a baby activity jumperoo?

The main reason to buy such an item is quite simple – it provides your baby with something colourful and charming. It looks good, it offers them something that can entertain them when your attention is taken, and it helps them to grow and develop as human beings on their own.

That is a major thing, and you should definitely look to use up some of that floor space to get a baby activity jumper. They will have great fun, allowing them to play with a gluttony of toys, but it can give you a chance to get a few key tasks around the house ready.

Even if it only buys you five crucial minutes, it can be enough to help you keep the place in order while your little baby explores their jumper to their own hearts content.

When should I buy a baby activity jumper?

Most recommend you look to give a baby this in their earliest months. Most experts would also suggest something in the region of 4-9 months. At 4 months, they need that added support to even get up and play with their toys. By 9 months, though, most babies are moving around with confidence and will more or less do anything they want.

After around 9-12 months, though, most activity baby jumpers can become discarded as your little on moves onto playing with other toys. In those crucial months, though, they are absolutely essential.

Wheels or not?

It is highly recommended that you avoid the use of any wheels. A wheeled baby activity jumper can be dangerous as they can potentially role into dangerous places, or even down stairs in an extreme example. You should therefore the use of wheels when it comes to buying any kind of modern activity jumper.

They should be avoided as much as you can. Speaking of avoidance, try and never let your little on fall asleep when they are in the jumper. Get them somewhere more comfortable and safer to sleep instead, even if they look all content!

What brands should I look at for a baby activity bouncer?

While many good brands exist, we recommend you look at getting your hands on something reputable. For example, you should look into buying a Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends activity jumper. These are highly useful as they are so easy to use, so simple to work with, and provide a really thrilling educational experience for the child.

Brands are very important as they often give you peace of mind in terms of the build quality. Keep that in mind when you go to buy a baby activity bouncer: the brand does matter!

How long should you use a baby activity jumper?

Typically, you want to keep a close eye on your child for as long as possible when using this particular product. Sure, a little minute or two is fine, but don’t think you can go for a nap or a shower and leave them alone. This isn’t a watcher or a minder.

Try and avoid them using the jumper for too long, too – they can often get bored and frustrated at being stuck within the jumper. This can lead to them taking risks that you might otherwise rather they tried to avoid. Try and limit their time spent in the activity jumper to around 10 minutes per session, too; these are mostly for entertainment as they lack the same development opportunities for their key motor skills. As such, they aren’t educating themselves or learning outside of having fun when in a bouncer for the most part.

Should it rotate?

A great solution to keep your child engaged for longer is to ensure they can enjoy the rotation aspect. Any good jumperoo should be able to spin around 360-degrees. It should provide them with toys hanging from various sections, ensuring they can have plenty of fun when they start messing around with these products. Ensure that rotation is managed by little soft spring covers, though, because this stops the risk of their little hands getting caught in the usage of the product.

It should be able to rotate around as it can keep them entertained and shows the baby of using their hands to bring things closer. For a young baby, that can be a very important skill to learn as it can dictate much of their future activity in life. As such, rotation is a key feature to have in a modern jumperoo.

Can it be folded away?

This is mostly for you, the parent; make sure that the baby activity jumperoo that you have bought can be folded away. Once your child is not using the jumperoo, it could even be sold on to a charity store for someone else to benefit from. Make sure that it can be easily stored away, though, as they tend to take up a fair amount of space on the floor.

By getting something that can avoid the needless risk snapping into place and harming your baby, get something that can be collapsed when ready. Excess rigidity is just as dangerous as something that can collapse and fold on top of the baby. Naturally, you want something that offers a happy medium!

Overall, you should keep your shopping for a baby activity jumper based around these key considerations to help maximise the fun they, and you, have.

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